A Truthful Declaration, not Religion, Helps the Thinking Gear in Every Brain

Misleading the World, in Reverse Position, Auto-shift for Leading the World, in Forward Position.

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The Thousand Pound Rider (TPR)

(Bigger than the Eight Hundred Pound Gorilla)

Minimizes Counterproductive Scapegoating by the Law.

No two deals are alike. No two TPRs are alike.

Each Deal Needs Its Own TPR.




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US Supreme Court Justice Scalia confessed the point of the law in his book A Matter of Interpretation … as follows:

“… But if you think it is terribly important that the case came out wrong, you miss the point of the common law. In the grand scheme of things, whether the right party won is really secondary. Famous old cases are famous, you see, not because they came out right, but because the rule of law they announced was the intelligent one. Common-law courts performed two functions: One was to apply the law to the facts [Truthisprudence to make the right party win]. … But the second function, and the more important one, was to make the law [Jurisprudence to make the wrong party win (p6)] … That image of the great judge remains with the former law student when he himself becomes a judge, and thus the common law tradition is passed on (p9)] … ”

As you imagine a cute baby-face with tears in its eyes, so your innate innocence cremates your acquired nocence (guilt) to help you read and digest for good what you read.

1  In law, as doers legally denying the results of their doings just look funny, so they are not funny in fact.

2  As Jurisprudence (theory or philosophy of law for lawless thus Psychopathic (say sychopathic) Justice that is Injustice) in all paternity cases fails to help men seeding one too many women accept the resulting paternities of their babies, so it fails to help doers doing wrongs accept the resulting aftermath of their wrongdoings in almost all other cases.

3  As Truthisprudence (theory or philosophy of law for lawful thus Kmindopathic (say mindopathic) Justice) in all paternity cases helps men to accept such paternities, so it helps such wrongdoers accept such resulting aftermath.

4  As you sow your seed so you reap your baby is Truthisprudence protecting the baby, mother, and father (Family). It keeps every Thinking Gear in every brain with no threats of hurt to any Family in Forward Position.

5  As you marry so you reap your baby no matter who seeded her is Jurisprudence corrupting Families. It keeps every such Thinking Gear with threats of hurt to all Families in Reverse Position.

6   As Jurisprudence mandates that Judges use discretion to act above the law made by lawmakers, make their own law to make the wrongdoers win, and thus honor the father denying paternity as a holy man, so Jurisprudence deals in counterproductive scapegoating of the baby-in-fact as a bastard-in-law and of its mother as a slut (Nullities). As Nullities evidence use of discretion to act above the law and enforcers of Nullities are considered trespassers in law (Outlaws), so the law also mandates use of discretion to now act under the law after having acted above the law (Mandatory U-Turn) to vacate Nullities as void mandating relief from Nullities (Mandatory Relief).

7  As Injustice assassinating Justice is Organized Justicide (OJ), so Mandatory U-Turn with no time limit is the law.

8  As Jurisprudence deliberately deals in counterproductive scapegoating, so Truthisprudence deliberately heals it to help We the People to begin to live and die in peace with peace of mind free from chanciness still sold as happiness.

9  As Truthisprudence cremating Jurisprudence with absolute immunity helps to criminalize legalized unjust enrichment causing hunger and poverty, so it helps to bridge the gap between the richest and the poorest in every nation.

10 As the TPR minimizes counterproductive scapegoating and self-destroying Jurisprudence selling rights to do wrong for an untruthful, illegal, and unsafe world for evil (The Economic Killer), so the self-sustaining Truthisprudence (The Economic Stimulus) for self-sustaining world peace selling duties to do right for a truthful, legal, and safe world for good.

A Natural Kmindopathic Choice is now crystal clear. Prevention is better than Cure for Sure.TM

As Truthisprudence is just a click away from Jurisprudence, so is my TPR.

Do I click? If not, why not? If yes, why not now?

Thanks to America’s Freedom.

As Jurisprudence maximizes, so Truthisprudence minimizes, 24/7 threats to all from law, lawyers, hackers, and others.

As it is dedicated to bastards breast-fed by mothers seeded by fathers honored as Holy Men for denying undeniable paternities as side-effects of sex, so it asks lex-workers to honor sex-workers as mothers of all sons and daughters.

As law and lawyers together fail to protect (un)secured websites, counterproductive scapegoating by the law made by Courts is a systemic threat to in all areas of the law, so registration now will help you to then read an auto-scroll webpage and ongoing hot updates on your iPhones. It is soon to be on our sacred website

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